90 Supertherm

SUPERTHERM doors with a thickness of 90 mm intended for single-family housing with a unique structure of the door leaf, which includes: a frame made of glued wood around the entire perimeter, a thermal break, a double rebate, six anti-burglary bolts, massive 3D hinges and a lock from a renowned German manufacturer, constitute a well-thought-out set for every house. The additional tightness of the door leaf is ensured by the fourth rebate with a self-closing seal and a wind stopper that eliminates possible blow-throughs. The set includes an aluminum door frame filled with foam in three chambers with two seals. Both the door frame and the aluminum threshold are equipped with a thermal break that prevents the door from freezing. The SUPERTHERM model fits perfectly with sidelights, the use of which allows the installation of non-standard door openings.

75 Passive


They are perfect for passive and energy-efficient houses because they are characterized by the best heat transfer coefficient for steel doors on the Polish market: Ud = 0.57 (full leaf) together with the PASSIVE door frame and WPC threshold. The product was distinguished at the International Fair. The unique design of the door leaf (75 mm thick), which uses a thermal break and two gaskets, eliminates heat losses and reduces energy consumption. The use of sidelights or extensions makes it possible to arrange unusual installation spaces, giving the buildings a unique character. Optionally, the door leaf is available with a fourth rebate.

75 Plus


These are ideal doors for single-family construction and
multifamily. Leaf thickness 75 mm, wide selection of door frames and patterns
and colors will meet the expectations of every customer. The doors are characterized by a low profile
heat transfer coefficient, which guarantees low heat losses.
Their additional advantage is the ability to be combined with sidelights and
extra beds.

54 Plus


They will work not only as external doors, but also as internal entrance doors in staircases. Thanks to the use of high-class locks (4), the RC2 anti-burglary class was achieved. The line is addressed to customers for whom doors, apart from their functionality and security, are a very important decorative element of their house or apartment.

They have an acoustic and fire version.

54 Standard


These are universal doors because they meet the requirements of internal and external entrance doors. The 54 STANDARD model is equipped with two class 4 locks and three anti-burglary pins which, when closing the door, engage in the sockets installed in the frame, preventing the door from being pushed out. Their affordable price will satisfy every customer, and a wide range of colors and embossing will allow them to perfectly match any arrangement of a house or apartment.



Double-leaf doors designed for larger mounting holes
They have two opening wings, a larger wing (active)
and a smaller (passive) door leaf with a lock, mounted on the frame ALU/75, ALU/54,10/54,15/54 depending on the selected model. Possibility connection with sidelights (only on the ALU/75, ALU/54 frame). Wings passive vailable in sizes “30” and “40”. Given dimensions, e.g. “110”, “120” means the dimensions of the passage clearance: 110 cm, 120 cm. NOTE! Recommended installation of double-leaf doors in the outward opening version. Installation doors opening inwards should only be made in recesses completely protecting the entrance against precipitation.