evolutionDrive Plus+

Sliding Elements: Space-Saving, Space-Opening – An Addition to Living Space

The new Parallel-Turn-Slide System evolutionDrive Plus+ from Salamander impresses with its space-saving sliding and ventilation comfort, as well as its space-opening effect through generous glass surfaces. Once again, Salamander presents itself as an innovator in the field of window and door solutions. In all developments, the company always considers the experience, design, comfort, and sustainability of its products to achieve the best possible result for its customers and the future of windows.

Sliding elements:
space-saving, room-opening solutions which create additional living space

Modern architecture has embraced large-sized sliding doors and windows:
− Sliding elements result in spacious and bright rooms.
− The large glass surfaces serve to enhance the
ambience in living spaces.
− Even in small homes they offer a space-saving
connection to the outside and create valuable
additional living space.
− Salamander sliding elements boast optimal tightness
whatever the weather.
− The right elements can also reduce the risk of
burglary by 80 %.
− And even in urban regions, noise pollution can be
reduced by up to 75 % with the right elements.
The site, building and residents are all unique. Therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect
standard solution to suit all demands. Taking the price alone is not enough to make a sound
decision. Doors and windows must be configured to the specific requirements in order to
become “myWindows”.

evolutionDrive Plus+
ease of operation and Climate panoramic view in harmony

Large-surface sliding doors for patios and balconies
− Ideal solution for applications where conventional lift
and slide doors cannot be installed due to weight
− For patio or balcony doors
− Functional and design element inspired by modern

Space-saving and convenient sliding
− For windows and doors where sliding is preferred for
space reasons
− Ideal for kitchen windows or large French windows
where the sashes are pushed to the side
− Easier room ventilation, e.g., when used in the
kitchen or bathroom
− No risk of injury from window sashes projecting into
the room, e.g., children’s rooms

Modern space wonder
− A space-saving wonder:
‑ Minimal space requirements – the solution for
small rooms
‑ Additional living space is created with sliding
‑ The door sash does not have to be swivelled open
− Highly effective sealing system for exposed areas
such as high-rise buildings
− The solution for installation situations where
conventional sliding elements cannot be used
optimally due to tightness and efficiency