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Windows – individual solutions that add value

Windows have a relatively small share in construction costs, but have a significant impact on architecture: − Stylistically matched windows add character to buildings appropriate appearance and increase their value. − They have a positive impact on the atmosphere in interiors and on the health and comfort of users. − The energy absorbed by well-insulated windows acts as a heating system. − Modern windows allow you to save from 25 to even 50% of heating costs, and thus reduce the associated burden on the natural environment and CO2 emissions. − Windows influence the air quality inside the room. − Properly selected windows can reduce the risk of burglary by up to 80%. − Windows with appropriate properties allow for reducing the noise level by up to 75% in highly urbanized areas.

Principle C3 Salamander: the way to optimal configuration




The C3 principle “Climate” from Salamander focuses on the energy balance of windows depending on the course of the sun. It takes into account that windows, depending on their orientation, allow different amounts of sunlight and thus energy into the house.

The basic principle of windows is that a larger glass area leads to higher light and energy input, as the glazing insulates better than the frame. Historically, technological advancements have enabled increasingly larger panes of glass, which increased the glass content in windows and reduced the need for muntins (window bars).

In “Customer,” the final step of C3, the focus is on the customer. Your wishes and requirements are pivotal for customizing the windows. With the help of the myWindow_C3 app, customers can input their preferences and choose from the wide range of Salamander systems and innovations.