evolutionDrive HST

The Comfortable Lift-and-Slide Door Solution for Connecting to the Outdoors

With large-sized window elements, light enters your home – as with the evolutionDrive lift-and-slide door, bringing your interior to life. The door construction is designed for optimal stability and allows for large glass areas and large opening elements in various operating schemes. The efficient thermal protection of the system solution is thanks to the optimized sealing levels, especially in the central part – ensuring that the cold stays where it belongs.

Sliding elements:
Unbeatable design, light & comfort

Modern architecture has embraced large-sized sliding doors:

− Sliding elements result in spacious and bright rooms.
− Demands in terms of realisable element sizes are increasing.
− Even in smaller interiors, sliding solutions offer a space-saving outward
− The right elements can also reduce the risk of burglary by 80 %.
− And even in urban regions, noise pollution can be reduced by up to 75 %
with the right elements.

evolutionDrive HST –
can be operated with just a single movement

Incredibly easy operation
− Convenient and simple operation with just a single
− Smooth sliding and reliable running
− No tripping hazards: Barrier-free design of the
threshold – straight and particularly easy to clean
− No slamming of doors with intermittent and full
− Low-maintenance sliding system

Reliable protection
− Premium gaskets provide optimal protection against
wind, hail and pelting rain
− Effective thermal protection
− Security components can be individually adapted to
the desired burglar protection level

Space miracle
− Creates generously sized throughways with a high
proportion of glass
− Maximum stability even with wide window fronts
− No space required for opening
− No door sashes projecting into the room
− The high percentage of glass means the living space
is flooded with light